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Early Market
A betting market in SBOTOP Sports offering events which are open for betting before the actual event date.
Email Address
Your email is used to receive important information with regard to your SBOTOP account. As all email correspondence will be sent to this email, it is crucial that you provide a valid email. The email you provide to SBOTOP should be your primary email or the email used for your payment user account, if any.
You can deposit via EntroPay at SBOTOP. EntroPay is a virtual card allowing you to make instant deposits and withdrawals from your personal credit or debit card. EntroPay is easy, secure, and can be used from any Visa accepting country.
Euro Odds
An odds type used in SBOTOP Sports. Euro odds are quoted as a positive number greater than 1. Multiplying European odds by the amount of your stake represents the estimated return if the bet is won including the initial stake.
An Event contains odds offered by SBOTOP for you to bet on.
Extended Validation SSL
SBOTOP uses VeriSign Extended Validation SSL Certificate to protect the transmission of sensitive information between your browser and the web server by data encryption.